• Our products are warrantied for 1 year under normal conditions.

  • The ZHED furniture is designed and manufactured in Burgundy in the traditional way. Irregular aspects relating to the material itself or the manual work of metal processing such as bending or welding may appear and do not constitute a defect.

  • Damage due to abnormal conditions in unpacking, installation, use, maintenance or storage by the customer, especially in the case of an accident of some kind, is not included under the warranty. Also, natural wear due to the use of furniture, corrosion occurred, and untreated beachfront use of steel furniture (we recommend the use of aluminum furniture) will not be eligible for our guarantee.

  • Under the implied warranty, our company will only be held to the replacement of defective goods without fees.

  • After-sales service is provided by your ZHED dealer, who will inform us of any claim.