• To clean your ZHED furniture, use a soft micro ber cloth with clean or soapy water, but no detergents needed. Dry carefully to prevent chalky residue.
  • In the case of stubborn stains, use an alcohol based glass cleaner. Do not use detergents or dissolvent: never rub with an abrasive or metal sponge and do not use high-pressure apparatus.


  • To preserve the paint of your ZHED furniture, do not cover it with a tarp or oilcloth which may retain water and moisture.
  • To prevent rust, especially on your outdoor furniture, do not allow stagnant water by tipping your furniture at an angle. Immediately wipe off bird droppings which are very aggressive for the paint of your furniture. In the winter, store your furniture in a dry and ventilated place.
  • For furniture destined for seaside use, we strongly recommend our aluminum products; they are more resistant to salty environments.
  • To prevent scratching the oor, your ZHED furniture comes with feet padding. In case of loss or wear, we advise you to order new padding from your dealer.
  • If deep scratches revealing the steel occur, quickly apply an anti-rust and then proceed to touch up the color using a spray paint with the same reference as your furniture.


  • When unpacking your ZHED furniture, be careful not to damage it (cutter, staples, furniture placed directly on the oor without padding, etc).